Candice Michelle and Lena Yada Foot Fetish Video

Candice Michelle Lena Yada Sex VideoBoy do these Wrestling girls enjoy doing fetish videos! Not long ago we posted about the Candice Michelle foot fetish video that had surfaced, which was some guy giving her a foot massage and I guess a lot of people look at that stuff as porn in some way.

Well for those of you who were fans of it, we now have another Candice Michelle video (apparently under her former porn name of Mackenzie Montgomery) but this time she’s joined by a female, and not only that it’s her fellow WWE Diva Lena Yada!

So if you like WWE Divas doing foot fetish stuff, we’ve got not one but 2 Divas and they’re giving each other foot massages. Candice has done various videos like this, not only foot fetish, but some softcore porn even and we’ll link to that at the bottom of this post, but this is the first time we’ve seen Lena Yada involved in stuff like this so we’ll continue hunting because you never know what kind of dirty things these WWE Divas have done.

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