Tove Lo’s Fairy Dust Video Features Sex with Men, Women, ….and Herself

Tove Lo Masturbating

Last year when we wrote about Tove Lo loving to flash her boobs on stage, we knew Tove was bound to be a superstar in music because she knew what her fans wanted.  Now Tove Lo is really out to prove us right as she shows in her new music video “Fairy Dust” that she is capable of much more than just flashing her tits.

The video “Fairy Dust” is actually a short film of sorts as it runs about 30 minutes and features multiple Tove Lo songs from her new album.  The fact that we get a lengthy video means we get more sex acts than you could fit into a short 2-4 minute video; we get to see Tove getting hot and heavy with another female, then a male, and then the surprise grand finale….we get to watch Tove Lo get herself off.  That’s right, Tove Lo masturbation on our screens and she somehow still leaves us wanting to see more.

Not since Rihanna’s raunchy music videos have we seen an artist really go all out in a video without caring who may or may not show it due to the content; in fact, Tove’s Fairy Dust video did initially get taken down by YouTube due to the adult content, but her response was great as she stated “but I’m not even naked!”….exactly.

So whether you’re a fan of Tove Lo’s music or not, we advise you to watch the video below because Tove knows we all want to see her getting naked and/or sexual and she definitely aims to please (herself too.)

Fairy Dust – Tove Lo (Short Film) from Kind Film & Creative Services on Vimeo.


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