Blac Chyna Sex Tape Leak

Blac Chyna Sex Video Leaks Online

Blac Chyna Sex Tape Leak

Ah the fine tradition of the Kardashians (or anyone remotely related to them) having private sexual content leak continues on.  Of course Kim began the tradition with her legendary sex tape, but that was over 10 (yes 10!) years ago now!  Nonetheless, the tradition carries on as a Blac Chyna blowjob video has surfaced online.

So who is Blac Chyna and what’s her relation to the Kardashians? Well, she’s actually a former stripper that somehow got semi-famous, and then got really famous by getting knocked up by Rob Kardashian.  Of course that didn’t last long and Rob was pissed off and leaking private nude photos of Chyna as revenge, but now we have a full-on blowjob video (and it doesn’t appear to be Rob’s dick) to complete the circle of Blac Chyna raunchiness.

No word yet on who Blac Chyna is giving head to in the video, but word of his leak is absolutely blowing up on Twitter and Chyna’s “performance” is getting mixed reviews.  All we know is if Blac Chyna let some dude film her sucking him off up-close, there could be more videos of full-on sex coming our way.

Blac Chyna has graduated from stripper to celebrity sex tape star, so what else is left to do… full-on porn tape maybe?  Many are already saying Chyna needs to release a video that shows her true sex skills after her “performance” was underwhelming in the leaked blowjob video. We have a feeling Chyna definitely wants to top Kim’s sex tape performance, so seeing more videos pop up online would not surprise us. Judge the video for yourself over at the Phun Forum.


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