Nude Celeb of the Day: Elisabeth Shue

Elisabeth Shue Hot

2021 is off and running and what better time to feature our first “Nude Celeb of the Day” for the year. On top of good timing, who better to pick than a celeb that makes her return to one of the hottest series anywhere right now in Cobra Kai? Yes, we’re talking about Elisabeth Shue (or Ali with an “i” to many of us.)

At the end of last year’s Cobra Kai season 2, we were pretty much guaranteed that Elisabeth Shue would be returning to the series. We won’t spoil anything beyond that but it’s pretty well known that “Ali” would be returning to the Karate Kid universe. So today we’re taking it all the way back to 1984 when Elisabeth was the dream woman of Daniel LaRusso (and Johnny Lawrence for that matter) in the original Karate Kid movie. Ali was the rich high school girl who gave the underdog Daniel a shot, and being this was set in high school, Daniel making out with Ali was pretty much “scoring” as far as that PG story went.

So jumping out of the Karate Kid world where Elisabeth Shue played the nice sweet high school girl (that still pulled off a hot look in a one-piece bathing suit,) the thought of her getting naked in other movies seemed far fetched. In actuality, it wasn’t far-fetched at all because Elisabeth Shue became somewhat of a nudity queen over the years believe it or not. As we researched Elisabeth Shue’s career in nudity, we realized we would have to narrow things down and pick out the best scenes being there are just so many that are hot in their own way.

So did Elisabeth get naked in her later years after being far removed from “Ali?” Not at all, just 2 years after the Karate Kid, Elisabeth Shue made her nude debut in the movie “Link.” So as mind-blowing as it is, we get the young “Ali” look as Elisabeth Shue gets naked on screen for the first time. Shue plays a zoology student studying Chimpanzees here and, well, gets naked in front of one. No, we’re not making this up. The chimpanzee gives Elisabeth’s naked ass and tits the up and down and maybe the most eye-opening part, she just stands there letting it have the full view. Has to be one of the most unique nude debuts ever:

Next up things got a little more mainstream as Elisabeth showed what could have happened if Ali and Daniel-san had brought those bathing suits – we kid – but Elisabeth visits a waterfall and strips nude with Tom Cruise for some public outdoor sex in the classic “Cocktail.” This scene carries on to the beach for what was apparently a real sex marathon:

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