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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jessica Simpson Wet, Nude, and HOT in Esquire!

Whoa, where has Jessica Simpson been? Seemed for awhile she was the hottest thing on the planet and every guy's dream woman for a period of time. It was probably during her reality show when every guy could watch and imagine he was in Nick Lachey's shoes. Since then, Jessica has seemed to cool off some, doing a few movies here and there and maybe screwing up some Dallas Cowboy games by hanging with her man Tony Romo, but nothing overly major beyond that.

But NOW here she is, busting out all over the scene in this absolutely smoking hot shoot for Esquire Magazine. The cover is an attention grabber no doubt as Jessica is shaving, yes her face, not any other parts, and while they may be a little odd since face shaving is a manly thing to do and Jessica Simpson is anything but manly, but she pulls it off by being topless and showing off some major boobage for the cover.

If that's not enough for you, then inside Jessica is soaking wet in a BARELY there skin colored outfit that shows enough to qualify as naked, as it totally shows her boobs with nipples poking right through. There are a few more shots in a bikini, but still wet and showing MAJOR cleavage.

Lately it seems like regular everyday magazines are putting out more Playboy like material and celebrity ladies are all for it, and we can't help but agree. Jessica should consider going nude in movies too as these pics prove to us all, that her naked body and award winning breasts could definitely sell some movie tickets, just like they will for magazines! Check it out for yourselves, Jessica Simpson's mega hot Esquire shoot:

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  1. Where are all the hot chicks? This post sux.