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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flashback: Janet Jackson Nude Sunbathing Video and Pics

We've come to realize that while we're in the process of posting all the latest celebrity nudity and general NSFW celeb material, there is some great stuff that happened before we created this site - so our new "Flashback" feature will feature some of the most classic NSFW celebrity moments.

Today's feature makes us think back to a few years ago, when the world lost their collective minds because Janet Jackson's boob was exposed during the Superbowl halftime show.  It was a supposed accident, many apologies were made, but the fact is America saw boob and nipple with some weird piercing thing around it.  A nipple is cool and all, but we would much rather see Janet Jackson totally naked, which is what we have here.

It seems some lucky person was able to just look over in the next yard and see a fully nude Janet Jackson sunbathing.  It's still kind of mind boggling....Janet Jackson nude, sunbathing away with her tits, ass, and vagina fully exposed.  Janet didn't seem concerned at all as she tanned away, even spanking her own ass a little bit for entertainment.  The video features Janet laying on her back and rubbing her tits and then on her stomach with her bare ass to the camera.  The pics feature Janet sitting up putting suntan lotion on, and then an extra up close detailed pussy shot, lips clit and all, which completes our viewing of every angle of Janet Jackson's nude body:

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