Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape is Now Available!

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape

That’s right, we didn’t have to wait long to see Teen Mom Farrah Abraham get down and dirty as her sex tape “Backdoor Teen Mom” is now available in full at Vivid.com.  And yes – for everyone asking – this sex tape has “backdoor” in it’s title for a reason.  Farrah Abraham gets it in every hole and isn’t shy about any of it.

So basically the premise behind all this is that Farrah Abraham wanted to capitalize on her “fame” from Teen Mom by “leaking” a supposed sex tape featuring her and her “boyfriend.”  It became clear very quickly that this was all staged, but the video comes across as if it is Farrah and her boyfriend just having wild dirty sex and taping it.  It doesn’t have the vibe of just a plain old porn, which makes for a much better video.

After the news broke that Farrah did this video with porn star James Deen, Farrah remarked that Deen’s “manhood” wasn’t all that, but after seeing this video you have to wonder the dick size that Farrah is used to.  Nonetheless, from oral to anal and back to plain old vaginal penetration, Farrah Abraham is now indeed a porn superstar.  Now the question is…will she stop acting all upset about it and keep her porn career going.

For anyone that’s even glanced at Teen Mom and wondered how slutty these girls REALLY are to get knocked up when they were 16, Farrah Abraham answers that question and lets you watch it ALL.  The wool isn’t over anyone’s eyes anymore, and the door is now open for the other Teen Mom’s to get even richer from their true talents.

Check out the full Farrah Abraham sex tape: Farrah Superstar – Backdoor Teen Mom


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