Amber Rose Has Joined OnlyFans and is Doing it Right

Amber Rose OnlyFans Nudes

The celebrity OnlyFans movement is raging on and making headlines as it seems more celebs are realizing just how many fans want to see them strip down and are willing to pay for it.

We recently reported a surprising name in Diora Baird who has a great page where she regularly shows her naked tits which was a great surprise, maybe only because she’s currently on the huge Netflix hit “Cobra Kai.” Today we bring news of another celebrity OnlyFans opening that maybe isn’t as much of a surprise, but is just as welcome, as Amber Rose has opened an official page.

Amber Rose really caught our eye years back when she was Kanye West’s hot model girlfriend who had a unique look with her shaved hair. Since then Amber has made it clear that she loves showing skin and has done so many times throughout the years. Maybe the most famous example is Amber’s nude masturbation photo leak that occurred and showed us she was as much of a freak as we had imagined.

Over the years Amber has made it clear that she is a very sexual being and has no shame in that fact. It only makes sense that she would make an OnlyFans page where she can be uncensored and post literally anything she wants…and that’s exactly what she plans on doing. In a post on her Instagram, Amber revealed that her subscribers could see “everything” on her OF page, which is of course how it should be. No paying to join a celebrity’s OnlyFans just to see pics of them in a bikini, not revealing much more than they would on other social media. Amber Rose is putting it all out there and letting her fans know she won’t be holding back.

For anyone that has already subscribed, you know Amber has already gone topless and showed off her massive mom boobs. Of course some of you may be thinking “Yeah probably implants,” but no, Amber has actually had a breast REDUCTION because her natural tits were already huge, but the word “reduction” is really hard to comprehend when you see how big her tits still are.

So the argument rages on with one side saying celebs should stay off OnlyFans and let regular people earn on it, while the other side is glad to see celebrities have a platform where they can get naked and please their fans who want to see it all.

You can check out Amber Rose’s OnlyFans page at:

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