Bhad Bhabie Opens Second OnlyFans Featuring Friends and XXX Content (Maybe)

Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans Free
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The saga of Bhad Bhabie (Danielle Bregoli) on OnlyFans has taken yet another twist as Bhabie has opened a second account that she says will feature other hot ladies and X-rated content.

Why is there a saga you ask? It all started when Bhabie joined OnlyFans immediately after turning 18 and set records on the site. As time when on, members started asking when the actual nudity was coming since the content she was posting was categorized as “tease” material. It came to the point where Bhabie had to address the issue and assured members would be getting the content they were asking for.

So when Bhabie announced she’d be posting topless photos (for a price of course,) the hype grew to even higher levels. What members got was indeed Bhab Bhabie topless, but covering her nipples with her hands or arm. Of course, this was better than the initial content, but still not exactly what most had in mind. As the situation carried on, Bhabie next stated that she would be sending out completely topless photos with no hands or arm; what followed? You guessed it – Bhabie showing off her big tits but with pasties on.

While this game of back and forth has continued on, Bhabie has delivered on providing some very scantily clad photos and videos that show off her boobs (without much nipple other than a slip or some see-through content) along with gladly showing off her ass in various thongs. At a price of $23.99 just to join, things were bound to come to a head or at least some see some changes.

What we didn’t expect was Bhabie making the announcement today that she has opened a second OnlyFans that would be free to join. Bhabie claims this account will include her friends from L.A. and they will be providing “xxx content.” There’s a lot to unwrap here as far as the new “Bhabie and Friends” OnlyFans goes; Will Bhabie be doing porn with these ladies? Will Bhabie be filming these ladies getting explicit without actually joining?

Our first answer came in a video posted on the account of Bhabie with her ladies, and all of them are topless with their backs to the camera. The real shocking moment here is we get a glimpse of Bhabie’s naked boob from the side (with nipple,) which is probably more than we’ve ever seen on her original OnlyFans account. Here is the preview Bhabie posted with her friends on Instagram:

So, is Bhad Bhabie only comfortable getting nude with groups of other naked girls around? Is she ready to become a full-on porn mogul (which she definitely has the potential to do.) Bhabie already has a few posts up that claim she is topless and interacting with her girlfriends, but they’re set at a hefty price of course because Bhabie is obviously business-first.

You can check out Bhad Bhabie’s new free OnlyFans account at:

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