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Playlist: The 10 Hottest Nude Scenes That Feature Mexican Actresses

We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year the only way we know how – by picking our 10 favorite nude scenes that feature Mexican actresses! Now before anyone says anything, we’re aren’t nitpicking too much with this

Playlist: The 10 Hottest Naked Ass Scenes From The 90S

The 90s are looked back on as a glory era for many reasons, one of the main ones of course being all the hot ladies that got naked in that era.  Prior to the Internet, you really

Best Celeb Basketball Size Boobs: The Best of Busty Celebrities

We all know that some days you just can’t get boobs off the mind, especially big ones, no really really big ones….we’re talking near basketball size here. Of course it’s even better when they’re big and natural,

Classic Nude Scene: Salma Hayek Sex from Desperado

New feature time here at NSFW Celebs to kick off this site delivering even MORE of the NSFW goods. We strive to stay on top of all the latest naked celebrity news, pics, videos, etc., but now

Salma Hayek’s Boobs are a Gift From God!…..No, They REALLY Are!

Alright here we are, the official launch of! Rather than give a big opening paragraph we’re getting right down to business with what you came for, BOOBS. So what better place to kick things off than