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Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Jennifer Love Hewitt Bikini Beach Candids, with a Double Order of ASS!

It's been a few years now and just about every Jennifer Love Hewitt fan out there has been waiting for her to get naked or topless or show a nipple, SOMEthing. Well no luck movie wise, but at least there is the paparazzi is always there to take pics of her regardless.

We haven't seen her in a bikini in quite a long while, so long that she had time to acquire some extra ass apparently! These new beach candids show she now suddenly has ass to back up her famous tits. Last we remember she was the super skinny chick with the oddly enormous tits....well now her ass matches.

Now of course some people out there will act like they're not fans, too fat for them, she doesn't meet their hot requirements (yeah OK, we're sure all you high standard types would TOTALLY not hit it) but hey, more cushion, we're not bothered by it....now if she just shows it and everything else some more, her career would sky rocket once again, and everyone would be happy!

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1 comment:

  1. Yeah shes gotten a lil big around the waist, but its JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, and I would still, tear, that ass, UP. No fuckin hesitation.

    This is whats annoying about places like Perez Hilton, TMZ, and WWTDD. They talk a bunch of shit about an actress that gains some weight, then they talk a bunch of shit if an actress gets skinny. Its fuckin retarded. No wonder actresses lose their fuckin minds. One second theyre too fat, then theyre too skinny.

    Tabloids and gossip sites are stupid as shit, like Mel Gibson, he got a DUI, which makes him an alcoholic forever to people. Even though there are millions a day that get DUIs. OH NO, HE DRANK A BEER, NOW HES A RAVING DRUNK! People are stupid, gossip sites are ran by retards. And I, Random Villain, would fuck the shit out of Jennifer Love Hewitt, big ass or not.