Kristen Stewart Stella Maxwell Leak


Kristen Stewart Stella Maxwell LeakIf you’ve seen the headlines on TMZ, you already know that Kristen Stewart is the latest celebrity in what is becoming a long list of celebs who have suffered private photo leaks, and she’s not happy about it.  The twist here is that the leaked Kristen Stewart nude photos also involve Stewart’s girlfriend, model Stella Maxwell.

That’s right, Kristen Stewart who was once the hot Twilight actress who blew everyone’s minds when she finally went topless in a movie a few years ago, has made quite a few changes in recent years including shaving her head and dating a woman. So this leak had potential to be legendary being you might expect some hot lesbian porn pics from Stewart and Maxwell, but the set only features nudity from Stewart and there isn’t anything erotic between the two to see.  In fact Maxwell appears to be taking some of the photos herself and is blocking out Kristen’s nude lower half in a couple of them.  There are also a couple of more explicit photos featuring an unidentified ass in an up close and personal pose, but as with many of these leaks, there are sometimes photos that can’t be proven to be the person in question.

So basically pics of Kristen Stewart nude are what is causing all the controversy; of course rumors have been running rampant for weeks about more leaks so this may only be the beginning if more pics leak later. You might think Maxwell let Kristen have a turn with the camera too, but that remains to be seen.  As we mentioned, Stewart and Maxwell are not happy about this leak so only brave sites such as Celeb Jihad have posted them, you can view them there if you dare.


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