Britney Spears Breasts

Britney Spears Bares Her Boobs Yet Again in Totally See Through Shirt!

Britney must be setting a record for the amount of headlines she’s making on virtually every celebrity site there is and she’s becoming the hottest topic here at NSFW Celebs too. Yesterday we reported that someone got a sneaky view and recorded a video of Britney in her studio rehearsing, and caught Britney changing her shirt and exposing her tits.

Today, as the photos below show, Britney was out and about with her weird paparazzi boyfriend guy, and while walking to their car she removed her jacket to reveal a totally see through shirt…..and we mean TOTALLY as in, her boobs are pretty much perfectly visible and the material is so clear it shouldn’t even count as a shirt. We’ve got the first pics here for you, but there was a ton of paparazzi around so hopefully high quality pics and video will be soon to follow!

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