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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alicia Keys Ass - Alicia Keys Bikini Photo Gallery

When it comes to a celebrity like Alicia Keys, we deal with a lot of frustration.  Once in awhile she will wear a mildly sexy outfit just to remind us how hot she is under those clothes, but she's so talented that she remains hugely successful and popular without having to show very much skin at all.  So in situations like these, we have to rely on wardrobe malfunctions, or in this case, our great friends the paparazzi.

If not for the great people of the paparazzi, there would be no way we would ever get a look like this at Alicia Keys' ass.  While Alicia was hanging out in Brazil at her hotel, thinking she was safe to put on a bikini and let it all hang out, the paparazzi succeeds again by getting these great ass shots from somewhere below Alicia.  We always see Alicia in some tight pants, but this bikini shows it all off and Alicia definitely has quite a full big ass that she's always hiding in those pants.  The real money shot here is apparently Alicia suffering a wedgie, and the photographer catching the right moment of her "adjusting," which gave us an ass crack shot.  Definitely something we would never see on purpose from Miss Keys, which makes this a great rare moment. 

As a bonus, there are also pics from a different angle, featuring Alicia and a friend hanging out and tanning, so Alicia may have had two paparazzi on her, unless the ass shot master ran to a different angle for a better view.  So enjoy these great high quality pics of Alicia Keys ass, we'll be hoping she shows it off more and stops hiding the goods.

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  1. can u imagine getting to fuck that big ass? OMG!