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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Brother's Michele Noonan to Appear on Playboy Sex Show

For all of you reality TV show fans, especially fans of the hit CBS show Big Brother, the heat just got turned up a little bit.  Normally Big Brother fans can tune into live feeds that are on 24/7 in the house, and sometimes catch one of the girls in the shower or even involved in some hot and heavy action under the covers in a few cases.  Now former Big Brother houseguest Michele Noonan is taking it a step further, by appearing on the Playboy TV show "Foursome."  The premise behind the show is "next level dating" where we watch four people "date" and have access to each other for sex, all of which we get to see.  Michele is appearing along with other reality stars from "Flavor of Love" and "I love Money."  If anyone saw Michele on Big Brother season 11, she was presented as a married neuroscientist (both of which were true) but along the way, details slowly crept out including the fact that Michele is bisexual, and was quite frisky for being portrayed as the smart nerdy girl.  Not long after the season ended, Michele was divorced, and definitely began showing a much more wild side.  

Now Michele is going all out, and the question is, how wild is this show going to get?  As far as we know, Playboy TV is on the softcore side of things, so while we may not be getting up close hardcore porn shots, we should get plenty of nudity.  One big question that has been raised is whether or not Michele got implants since Big Brother.  She has denied this claim and says she just got a push up bra, but regardless it looks like we'll be seeing Michele's boobs and possibly a lot more.  Foursome featuring Michele Noonan premieres September 18 at 10 P.M. Eastern on Playboy TV.

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