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Friday, August 29, 2014

Rose McGowan Fully Nude in "Wild Rose"

Rose McGowan ToplessIt's always a great thing when a celebrity gets naked for the sake of creating "beautiful art;" what makes it "art" and not just hot nakedness?....we're not always sure, but we definitely enjoy watching it regardless. 

Today we have Rose McGowan in the comfort of her own home, frolicking around completely nude in this short film titled "Wild Rose" (get it?)  Now maybe it's just the way it's shot, the lighting, the colors etc.,  but the terms "beautiful" and "artistic have been used to describe this video......but we can't get past the fact that Rose's boobs, ass, and even her vagina are on display throughout.  To us it almost feels like a voyeur video where we get to hide and watch Rose enjoy being nude in her own house...and it's very enjoyable.

Rose McGowan has always been the type of celebrity that just exudes a sexual vibe and one that we could look at naked again and again; this opportunity is even better since it isn't just a topless scene or an ass flash in a movie, but full frontal goodness that gives us a visual of how she lives in the privacy her home....and she's letting us watch!

Art, hot nudity, beautiful, sexual.............all of the above!  The key point here is EVERYone can enjoy the site of Rose McGowan fully nude in their own way, but we find it hard to believe that the word "HOT" doesn't pop into your head at some point while watching "Wild Rose:"

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