Denise Richards Reality Show Naked

Denise Richards Uncensored Topless Video from “It’s Complicated”

Denise Richards Reality Show Naked

If anyone was to ever watch an episode of Denise Richards’ reality show “It’s Complicated,” the episode involving Denise and her friends going topless on a beach would probably be the only episode of interest.  Of course, it would be only a small interest due to the fact that girls going topless is no fun when it’s on a network that doesn’t allow nudity and blanks everything out.  Thankfully due to the magic of the Internet and whoever got their hands on this version, we have the uncensored version of Denise Richards and friends getting naked on the beach.

Now the setup to all this is quite interesting; Denise and friends are on the beach, they figure they are “alone” so why not let the tits out and get some sun (never mind that there doesn’t look to be much sun at all, but moving on….)  So off come the tops, boobs out all over, when suddenly…OH NO, our dreaded friend the paparazzi comes from out of nowhere and gets all the boobs on camera.  This pisses off Denise, who goes after the guy but is held back by her friend.

So in review, Denise and friends are “alone,” yet there is obviously at least 1 cameraman who is in their faces and on their boobs filming the whole thing from multiple angles…but I guess that was OK to film their “private moment” since it was her show.  After all this, Denise realizes it was stupid to go topless and acted like it was a big deal like people can’t just come to a site like ours and see Denise Richards topless with Neve Campbell in Wild Things.  So yeah things are a little fishy, and dare I say had a “set up” feeling, but the fact of the matter is, Denise Richards boobs are still hot and her getting topless with some other girls is even better – thankfully the uncensored version is here because censored boobs are just plain wrong.


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