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Friday, February 6, 2015

Kim Kardashian Poses Fully Nude for Love Magazine

I guess we can now say that Kim Kardashian is making a blatant effort to stay relevant as the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" ride is coming to an end (although the 5 or 6 spinoffs will probably continue in some way,) and the buzz over her legendary sex tape is finally cooling off.  Now Kim is showing us that she knows what will keep us all interested, and it's her taking her clothes off.

Just a couple of months back, Kim tried to "break the Internet" by openly showing her bare ass, but now she's taking things a step further in this spread for Love Magazine that shows much, much more! 

As you may recall many years ago when Kim posed for Playboy, she talked about being too shy to show much skin (yes, after her sex tape that featured her getting pounded every which way was released) and even had to go back to re-shoot more pics so they were at least Playboy worthy; well that was many years ago and now Kim is obviously ready to do what it takes to stay on top because she shows more here than Playboy ever thought about.

Now is it that Kim realizes we will all get bored with her unless she keeps getting naked? Or is it that she realizes she has a mega-hot half sister in Kendall Jenner that can drop her clothes and become the new nudity queen in the family whenever she pleases?  Whichever one it is, it's motivated Kim to show it ALL in this shoot -  topless boobs, bare ass bent over, and complete full frontal shaved vagina shots........yes the shyness is completely gone.

Some of these are a bit dark and have Kim wearing some odd makeup - probably so the pics are considered "artsy" instead of "pornographic," but when we're seeing naked Kim K boobs, ass, and close up pussy pics........all we're thinking is PORNOGRAPHIC.

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