Women Wrestling Nude

Playlist: Celebrity Women Wrestling Nude

Celebrity Women Wrestling Nude

It’s a well-known fact that our readers love the women of wrestling, so today we’re going to broaden that out a bit with a playlist featuring celebrity women wrestling nude! You might be surprised to find out just how many scenes from movies and TV that feature women stripping down and wrestling exist.

We have some great scenes here featuring ladies doing what we wish the ladies of WWE would do – strip down before they wrestle, just like the good old Attitude Era!  This playlist features everything from bras and panties to wet t-shirts, and even down to bare boobs right in the center of the ring!

We’ve even got popular names like Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra popping up on the list – 2 legends we wouldn’t mind seeing take it all off for a match in the ring (or a bed for that matter.)  Check out the list below which features all the names featured in the Celebrity Women Wrestling Nude Playlist:

Samantha Stewart

Barrett Perlman

Lisa DonatzPamela Anderson Wrestling

Spicy J

Julie K. Smith

Kate French

Sawa Suzuki

Pamela Anderson

Jane Birkin

Kei MiztaniSamantha Stewart Topless

Dawn Clark

Sue Bowser

Remy O’Neill

Alena Johnston

Sabine Sun

Robin WeigertCarmen Electra Kim Kardashian Wrestling

Erka Latta

Anna Semenovich

Lana Clarkson

Mary Woronov

Katie Jordan

Jaime Bergman

Carolyn Cannon

Carmen Electra

Kim Kardashian

So check out these ladies stripping down and stepping in the ring – just how we wish it still was with the actual women wrestlers these days.  Even though WWE won’t feature such things anymore, the recent nude pic leak featuring various women from wrestling has really been an eye opener.  But if you want to see scantily clad, topless, or even nude women wrestling, the Celebrity Women Wrestling Nude Playlist is for you.