Hayley Williams Hot

Hayley Williams from Paramore Topless on Twitter

Hayley Williams Nude

Paramore fans got an unexpected surprise recently when out of the blue, a topless pic of lead singer Hayley Williams suddenly popped up on her Twitter account. Within three minutes the pic was gone, but the damage was done and Hayley Williams’ over 600,000 Twitter followers and everyone else in the world got to see her boobs.

The key here is that Paramore is a punk/emo type band, so sexy photo shoots or baring any skin isn’t the norm here, but no doubt she’s the punk chick that tons have wanted to see naked and now they have.

Of course, Williams posted on her Twitter that her account was “hacked,” but who knows how her Twitter account can be hacked AND topless picture can be found and posted is any ones guess. Was it publicity? Was it a real hack? No one really cares, since we get to see the boobs of a punk chick that no one thought we would ever get to see.  And I’m sure no one in Paramore is all that upset, as I’m sure they just got even more popular.


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