Cardi B Nude Video

Cardi B Gets Naked for “Money” Music Video

Cardi B Nude VideoCardi B has seemingly out of nowhere become one of the hottest female rappers in music and she makes so many headlines that it’s as if she’s been around for years. Of course when someone gets so much spotlight, what we want to know is what’s going on in the nudity department.

Between Cardi B’s music skyrocketing in popularity, having a kid, and having a storied relationship and break up all in just over a year’s time, Cardi could probably get by without taking her clothes off just yet. But Cardi B definitely does everything big and her latest music video for the song “Money” proves just that.

The “Money” video has it all – strippers (and Cardi) shaking their asses, Cardi playing piano naked with her bare ass in plain view….and then… breastfeeding…yes Cardi B breastfeeding in a music video. Now if this was someone like Rihanna who has mastered the art of knowing her fans want to see her naked in her videos that would be one thing, but Cardi B has delivered some next-level stuff here that is opening even more eyes (including ours, welcome to NSFW Celebs Cardi B!)

Of course, throwing a baby being breastfed in between strippers shaking their asses will surely cause some controversy, but not here. A boob is a boob and we want to see them regardless of the situation. Suddenly we have high hopes for what Cardi may do next on video. She has a lot of boob and ass and obviously isn’t afraid to show it off. She has drawn comparisons (and is even feuding with) Nicki Minaj, but this video may put Cardi on an even higher level when it comes to the battle for queen of raunchiness.

Check out Cardi B bringing new definitions to the terms “hot mom” and even “MILF” in her music video for “Money” below:

Cardi B – Money [Official Music Video] from Thick One on Vimeo.



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