Fergie Naked Butt

Fergie Bare Ass Pic from “Culo” Book

Fergie Naked ButtOur celebration of the new book “Culo” continues, as the book keeps on bringing us bare celebrity asses one after another.  The great part is it’s giving us nudity from celebrities that we’ve never seen any from before like Nicole Scherzinger.  Today we were pretty shocked to see the book has done it once again, as for the first time we get to see Fergie’s great ass naked!

We’ve taken note of how nice Fergie’s butt is for years now, even posting on how hot Fergie’s ass looked in a tiny outfit while filming a music video.  Now for the sake of art, Fergie has bared it all for the book and is showing her ass fully nude for the first time.  Unlike the Nicole Scherzinger and Lady Gaga ass pics from the book, Fergie’s pic is a bit more “artsy” and not as raw as the others we’ve seen, but we can’t complain too much since it is Fergie finally nude!

The Culo book just keeps on delivering surprises, and it’s amazing to see how these celebrities who we didn’t think would ever get to see naked are stripping off for it.  Today we give thanks for all celebrity asses (especially Fergie’s) and continue to hope that the “Culo” book is successful and will spawn off the “boob” book next.


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