Sara Underwood Nude Yoga


Sara Underwood Nude YogaEver since Attack of the Show ended, there has been a definite void in many of our lives.  If you are an old school fan of the show, you know how hard getting over the loss of Olivia Munn when she left the show to go show her boobs in movies.  What helped us along the way was the combination of Candace Bailey and Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood, whose daily antics that included motor boating and girl on girl flirtation helped ease our pain. We even featured Sara as our “Nude Celeb of the Day” a couple of years back.  Today Sara Underwood is here to help us once again, and maybe even teach us something…….maybe.

In this video, Sara Underwood shows us how to properly do many popular yoga poses…..she also happens to be doing them completely nude.  Yes, we are supposed to be learning something while at the same time staring at a naked Sara Jean Underwood twisting and bending and….showing us every area of her body we ever wanted to see.  OK so maybe we won’t be learning a thing today, but I’m willing to bet no one is going to be upset.  Nothing against Sara’s yoga, she definitely knows what she’s doing but the naked aspect of her topless boobs, ass, and vagina in our faces are just too much to handle…. the term “hottest, yoga, ever” comes to mind.

Usually what you see in a Playboy Magazine is all edited and photoshopped up, but this video from Playboy TV is awesome and raw; just total Sara Underwood nudity and yoga.  Sara maintains a serious face throughout, as if she isn’t even thinking about all of us gawking at her naked body….what a pro.  So, if you want to TRY to learn some yoga, good luck; if you want to spend some quality time getting over the loss of AOTS, nude Sara Underwood is here to help:

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