Busy Philipps Exposes Her Naked Boobs in Instagram Story

Busy Philipps Sexy
Photo Credit: instagram.com/busyphilipps

Just over 20 years ago, 22-year-old Busy Philipps was on our screens in “Dawson’s Creek” and we were immediately hoping she’d follow in her co-star Katie Holmes‘ steps and take a nude role. All these years later and Busy instead just took sexy-ish roles in various shows and movies without ever getting naked on screen. Thankfully, in the age of social media, another nudity possibility has shined through and Busy Philipps’ boobs have been seen.

It all went down on Busy’s story on IG where she leaned forward, completely braless, and there were her naked tits hanging for all to see. Later, Busy posted a follow-up story informing everyone know that a friend let her know that her tits were completely visible, so of course she took it down. From there Busy kept talking about how it wasn’t a big deal that everyone saw her boobs since they are “just a body part” but then kept looking at the camera with big eyes as if she kept realizing how many people saw them.

This was a case of a celebrity we pretty much stopped thinking about when it came to nudity; Busy Philipps had plenty of roles where she could have gone nude but didn’t, and even moved on to hosting her own talk show in E! – so at the age of 44, getting to see her naked at this point was a true surprise.

In her follow-up videos, Busy seemed like she wished her body looked better after having kids, but we appreciate hot mom bodies here as well. Check out the gif below of the now-deleted Busy Philipps’ nude boob story from Instagram:

Busy Philipps Breasts

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