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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Art of X-Ray Celebrity Pictures, More Boob Than You're Supposed to See!

Have you ever seen a hot pic of your favorite celebrity, and said "damn, ALMOST a great shot, but she's covered up JUST enough!" Well, it seems a ton of people have had the same thought, and now, something is being done about it. Now this practice came to our attention from our friends at Phun.org, who have a forum for "Celebrity X-Ray's." Now most of you may not be familiar with it, but some of the experts on their forum have perfected the art of taking a celebrity picture, playing with the lighting and such in photoshop, and revealing WAY more than what was mean to be seen. Now first and foremost, a lot of you may be thinking "OK they just photoshopped a pic, big deal, it's fake".....well actually, their whole idea is to not alter anything or add anything, just bring out things you wouldn't see in the original picture, and there is a LOT to see. They haven't drawn anything or added anything to their work. Now this won't work on just any pic. If your favorite celeb is wearing 2 coats and 3 shirts, or if she's wearing a thick sweater with bra underneath, you're out of luck. Being these are real pictures, it works for thin layers of clothing mainly, and some pics may already have a nipple fairly visible, but in the x-ray'd version, you can see a lot more clear. I'm going to give a few examples of how these pics work, some are before and after, and some just the x-ray. If you like what you see, be sure and drop us a comment and let us know, and if enough of you like this concept we may turn it into a feature with the "Weeks best x-rays" or something. If you don't buy it and think it sucks, let us know too and we won't feature any more here. And if you want even more of this great work, check out the Celebrity X-Ray Forum at Phun.org (Be warned, they've got so many pages full of x-rays, you may get lost for hours!) So here they are, the new wave of seeing what YOU want to see, not what the CELEBS want you, or DON'T want you to see:

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