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Monday, March 23, 2009

Cindy Crawford Nude and Lathered up in Allure Magazine

NSFW Celebs is back from Spring Break, and ready to deliver more NSFW celeb content than ever, and we kick it off with the legendary Cindy Crawford. We pointed out a few months back when Cindy Crawford exposed her boobs and sunbathed topless on the French Riviera, that Cindy still had the body, the look, the boobs, the package is still there all these years later. Now Cindy has stepped it up once again, and is now once again posing naked in magazines. In the April issue of Allure, Cindy Crawford poses fully nude, only covered with a lather, that just barely covers the best parts, but still the pic shows us enough to let us know that everyone seeing it would still want to see Cindy Crawford totally nude. Cindy Crawford isn't what 43 years old normally looks like, but Cindy has made the effort to preserve her look, and it's worked. As we mentioned, the lather covers the best parts, but dares to go pretty far south into the vagina zone, so we just miss a good shot, and her tits are only covered on the nipples, so we get a great breast view here anyway. Oh yeah, there are a couple of other pretty good pics here, one with some white cream (toothpaste of course) on Cindy's face (always a nice insinuation,) so we'll include those pics as well, but we know our readers will most likely be all about Cindy Crawford naked and lathered up, all while wishing you could just washer her off.....with your hose.

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  1. wow....good fo masturbate

  2. Cindy has said she knows guys masturbate to her pictures. I certainly agree and have done my share!!