WWE Diva Maryse Nude Pictures

The WWE Divas have become the most popular subjects here on NSFW Celebs, with our most popular post ever being the Mickie James nude pics from Leg Show Magazine post, along with the Candice Michelle’s lesbian soft porn with Belinda Gavin as a close second, and most recently the famous Trish Stratus wet t-shirt video post, the divas are represented in a major way.

Sadly, WWE Diva posts don’t come too often since there just isn’t a lot of material out there, especially now that WWE is TV-PG and WWE isn’t featuring a Diva in Playboy every year, which definitely sucks. But we’re still working hard to bring more wrestling girl nudity, and today we’ve dug up some great nude pics of current WWE Diva’s Champion Maryse Ouellet!

That’s right, the one and only French Diva who recently came to the WWE RAW brand after being featured on Smackdown for the past year or so, right here, with some great naked pics! Maryse first joined WWE through the Diva Search and went on to train to be become a full fledged wrestler, and she has developed into a great talent on WWE TV, not to mention she’s mega hot!

Lucky for us, before joining WWE, Maryse did a nude shoot, showing off her boobs in multiple pics, some great vagina shots, and a couple of good views of her ass for good measure. We look forward to seeing Maryse on RAW, she’s awesome at being the french bitch in WWE and some are even comparing her to a young Trish Stratus, which would mean she’s the next huge female star on the horizon.

Since WWE is all family friendly now, it’s a good thing Maryse got naked before joining WWE, hopefully TNA Wrestling will let their Knockouts get naked so we can feature more wrestling female nudity. Until then we’ll continue to hunt down great material like this gallery featuring Maryse nude in a ton of great pics!

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