Lyssa Chapman Nude

“Dog the Bounty Hunter” Stars Lyssa Chapman and Cecily Barmore Chapman Both Now on OnlyFans

Lyssa Chapman Nude

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File this one under the “I never thought we’d see them on OnlyFans, but it kinds of makes sense” category as more celebs at all levels continue to realize the money there is to be made by offering adult content. While Dog the Bounty Hunter has been back in the headlines due to his involvement in a major manhunt, his daughter Lyssa Chapman and Stepdaughter Cecily B. Chapman are both getting naked on OnlyFans.

This news may be a bit mind-blowing for some, as they literally saw these women grow up on Dog’s various reality shows, especially Cecily who wasn’t even a teenager yet; but it’s 2021, and the novelty of seeing a celebrity that you thought you’d never see naked suddenly with their tits out continues to gain popularity.

Being Dog had 5 wives and kids with all of them, it’s a job even sorting out who is who, but there is some diversity when it comes to the two that have joined OnlyFans. “Baby Lyssa” was tiny, a teen mom at only 15, but still joined up with Dog along the way and went on hunts and such. She’s gone on to have another kid along the way, and now appears to be in a relationship with a woman (all grown up indeed.) On her OnlyFans, she’s gladly showing her topless tits which are so big, they definitely appear to be implants since they don’t match her small stature at all. Nonetheless, she’s very proud of them and posts topless content regularly.

Cecily Chapman Nude

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Cecily on the other hand, as you may remember, is Beth (RIP)’s daughter from her first marriage and was later adopted by Dog. Cecily definitely has the full figure of her mom. Cecily is 28 now and also gladly showing off her big tits which appear to be natural. She is using the “Barmore” last name on OnlyFans although her profile does mention being a reality star, so it’s not like she’s trying to hide her new adult adventures.

While both ladies appear to still be involved in the bail bonds business, with Lyssa even assisting her dad’s latest catch, it’s good to see they’ve realized that getting naked is big money especially if you have name value/notoriety.

You can visit “Baby” Lyssa Chapman’s OnlyFans at:

And you can check out Cecily Barmore Chapman’s page at:


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